Sunday, 25 March 2012

People 1. Raid....

I have decided it is time to put more faces on this blog;  people that I work with or simply admire because of their fashion style, attitude and choices. Thank you so much Raid Ryan for agreeing to be the first one portrayed and interviewed! She studies Theatre with me and this year we have worked in a few projects together. I hope after this post, you will love her as much as I do!


First of all, what are you wearing today?

Well, although it pains me to say it, the whole outfit on this day: trousers, tee shirt, shoes and cardigan are all from  Topshop. However, the tan plaited belt is from a charity shop. The necklace is from Barcelona as is the turquoise ring and the other ring is very old and has huge sentimental value!

How would you define your style?

It's hard to pin point exactly what my style is because some days it is super casual, with a pair of vans or boys shoes and a tee shirt from SUPREME, ONLY NY, OBEY (all male brands); and then the next day I can come in with heels and a silk shirt! I really love simple clothes such as a nice coat with a pair of jeans or smart trousers and a plain tee shirt or shirt with lashings of rings. I tend to stick to black, blues, grey, whites and creams. Khaki and red are my colour of choice. I always think about adding more colour to my wardrobe but I just think nothing looks more chic than dark clothing with a white shirt and a really good pair of shoes.

What do you study and how does it affect the way you dress?

I study Theatre Arts so my day to day wardrobe has to be pretty casual. I mostly wear jeans and a tee shirt with a pair of flat shoes. But I more than often ignore what is probably appropiate for a practical lesson and totter in in a pair of heeled Chelsea boots which have become my new obsession.

Where do you shop and what are your inspirations/style icons?

I don't only shop in Topshop, I look in vintage boutiques in Brick Lane, Urban Outfitters and charity shops. I recently got a high waisted pencil skirt that comes just below the knee with a little split at the back and a knitted jumper with shoulder pads, both from the Brithis Red Cross shop for ₤4! I also love ZaraCOSASOS and if I had a little more money (all the money in the world) then I would spend more in The Kooples, Celine, DKNY, Calvin Klein, MaxMara, Rag & Bone, Michael Kors, Chloe, Joseph....The list could go on!

I love men's clothing so a pair of Vans with a boy's tee shirt works fine for me. I love a little hint of androgyny in my outfits. Boys have it so easy when they wake up in the morning; It just looks like little or no effort has been put into their outfit. I WANT THAT! I love fashion, but I am far too layed back to put hours of work into an outfit.

As for someone who inspires my fashion choices, there are too many people to point just one, it depends how I feel when I wake up in the morning and who I want to be that day. But if I had to say, then I like Erin Wasson. She just has this effortless, tomboy cool, stylish, relaxed chic that I adore in a woman. She has her own fashion label and just look at her apartment in New York at, too cool! I would never be a slave to fashion, but I do appreciate how it can make you feel when you wake up in the morning. 

If you didn't do Theatre, what would you do?

If I didn't do theatre I would definitely do fashion or fashion photography. I love it, I think it's art (cliché I know, but it so is!) I spend my money on Vogue, clothes, cigarettes and the Theatre. I'm always "people watching", looking at their outfits, wondering how I could wear it; window shopping in Covent Garden and walking into Burberry (not before saying to my sister: "let's pretend we've got loads of money") and wishing I had enough for one of their trench coats.

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