Saturday, 30 June 2012


Pictures from a trip to Battersea a couple of weeks ago to see a showing of short pieces at the Theatre 503; my lovely flatmate Bruce Adams directed one of them and two of my classmates, Raid and John performed. So proud of them! Anyway, Will and me decided to walk there from Pimlico (bad idea, specially when it's raining and we have no idea how to get there... we like to think that we are adventurous and spontaneous and know our way around ANY part of London. We definitely don't). We ran across this quiet garden on our way there. Also, we discovered the Brunswick House Cafe, an amazing place where you can have drinks while admiring vintage pieces of art and furniture (all for sale!) Absolutely recommend it.

Trenchcoat: Zara
Shirt: Hugo Boss vintage
Shoes: Massimo Dutti
Bag Hazel

Brunswick House Cafe
30 Wandsworth Road
Vauxhall  SW8 2LG


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Gangster Squad...

Here it is. Every woman's dream nowadays. The man that makes your heart skip a beat, that looks incredible no matter what he wears (even a scorpion jacket), that makes you want to be Rachel McAdams or Emma Stone, who makes you want to buy leather gloves to drive your car,  that made you love Dirty Dancing all over again.... Yes, I am talking about Ryan Gosling, who soon will become the ultimate male on the upcoming film Gangster Squad, set during 1940s LA. The film narrates the fight of the LA police department agains the mafia, using some not-very-orthodox methods. Gosling a cop that has nothing better to do (apart from fighting the mafia) than fall for the girl (Emma Stone) of THE mafia man Sean Penn. 
As everybody knows, there is nothing sexier than a man in suit and we will have plenty of that in the film. Pinstripes, braces, fedoras, ties... everything looks good on Gosling. Also, Emma Stone's wardrobe looks promising too: period day dresses (for when she has to sneak around with her secret love, and the dog) and glamurous, old Hollywood gowns for nights at the casino.
Shame we still have 4 months of waiting... but here is the trailer to keep us dreaming.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Alabama Baby...

Alabama Baby, the new campaign by Pull & Bear. I love the strong colours used in the background in contrast with the softness and pastel tones of the clothes worn. The old Hollywood hairstyle matched with eyeliner and rouge lips fits with the filters used to make the photos look old or "vintage". Like something you could do on Instagram; which I don't have; and I am not planning to, at least for now. Too many social networks active already, I don't think I've ever been so socially conected in my life!
Anyway, I am looking forward to the start of the sales in Spain (1st of July) and doing some shopping for my upcoming trip to Almeria with my friend Akitsu. I can't wait to roast in the sun, read all the books I have in my (mental) list, buy every single fashion magazine available and just enjoy the feel of summer...


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Monday, 18 June 2012

Summerhill. Day 2...

Here are more pictures of the weekend I spent in Suffolk, visiting Daisy's house and my old school Summerhill. It is a strange feeling, going back after so many years. I visited every single year, at least once, since I left but I never felt out of place until this time. I left quite early so the rest of my friends were still there for another 3 years and this meant that I had a reason to go back, see them and spend time with them. It didn't feel strange, it just felt natural. I guess now too much time has gone by and all the people that I lived with here are all gone to College or University. It is still nice to visit the school, there are so many memories stocked up everywhere you look; I almost expect to go to my old room and find everything just as I left it. But I guess time does go by quickly, and to teenage standards, we are old. Not old old, but old to be hanging around at a party where the oldest person is 16. And it gets worse when it is slow dancing time and you find yourself surrounded by underage teenage boys looking at you in a weird way.... (at this point, Daisy and me walked out of the room) However, seeing some of my girls, my roommates when I was there was lovely. We got to spend time together, talk, have some fun bitching and gossiping (there is so much to talk about on a boarding school....) 
I think it will be a while until I visit again. This time it was a bit of a wake up call. You can't keep hanging on to the past forever, trying to re live what has already happened. Summerhill will always have a special place in my heart, I probably spent some of the best years of my life (so far) there and I couldn't be more grateful.
Here are some pictures!


Jacket: Barbour (borrowed from India)
Shorts and Shirt: Zara
Necklace: All saints
Brogues: Zara