Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Gangster Squad...

Here it is. Every woman's dream nowadays. The man that makes your heart skip a beat, that looks incredible no matter what he wears (even a scorpion jacket), that makes you want to be Rachel McAdams or Emma Stone, who makes you want to buy leather gloves to drive your car,  that made you love Dirty Dancing all over again.... Yes, I am talking about Ryan Gosling, who soon will become the ultimate male on the upcoming film Gangster Squad, set during 1940s LA. The film narrates the fight of the LA police department agains the mafia, using some not-very-orthodox methods. Gosling a cop that has nothing better to do (apart from fighting the mafia) than fall for the girl (Emma Stone) of THE mafia man Sean Penn. 
As everybody knows, there is nothing sexier than a man in suit and we will have plenty of that in the film. Pinstripes, braces, fedoras, ties... everything looks good on Gosling. Also, Emma Stone's wardrobe looks promising too: period day dresses (for when she has to sneak around with her secret love, and the dog) and glamurous, old Hollywood gowns for nights at the casino.
Shame we still have 4 months of waiting... but here is the trailer to keep us dreaming.

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