Monday, 31 October 2011


I am back with some of the photos (carefully chosen) of our Halloween Party last night. Thank you all the people that came; I hope you had  good (spooky) fun. I have to say that the breakfast table this morning did look like a scene from "Interview with the vampire" (minus Brad Pitt) but with VERY pale faces, purple bags under the eyes, glitter everywhere (I wonder who's fault is that....) Anyway, I think you got the picture :D
Also, you will see my new haircut! I have been wanting to cut it for a long time and finally I managed to do it. And I am very satisfied with the results; I love it. What do you think?


*- The pictures are by Bruce, Jess and me (and probably other people that I can't remember....)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Brick Lane...

This weekend, Jess and me (and later on Bruce, Will and Rachel) went on a trip to Brick Lane to an American Apparel Flea Market. I didn't own anything by the brand but I had seen the adverts (who hasn't? they are quite hard to overlook...) Anyway, we were expecting a long long queue to get in and masses of people inside but when we got there we didn't have to wait at all. I was surprised by how organized the clothes were, all in different sections and all hanging up (yes, my idea of a flea market was piles of clothes everywhere and women fighting for a t-shirt. a bit surreal right?) I didn't find as much as I would liked but I bought a playsuit (originally with the idea of wearing it to my movement classes but changed my mind once I tried it at home and saw it was a bit smaller than I had imagined....) and a jumper.
I have gone straight into telling you about the sale but before that, Jess and me encountered some difficulties... First, we got lost right outside Liverpool Street Station. Ok, lost is not the word; we knew where we were but we just didn't know in which direction the market was (although I had a map on my blackberry) so we kind of walked in a circle until we found our way. But we had lots of fun walking around, watching people, discovering beautiful buildings, taking photos... It was a sunny day as well and the city seemed more alive in a way.
After all the shopping we all went for dinner to Nando's (will's favourite place; what a disappointment, I thought it was my room...). And we still took more pictures there (yes, we all have a big ego); they had a huge lit heart on the wall made of lamp bulbs, it was amazing!


P.D Halloween is soon and we are organizing a gathering so I hope to have spooky gossip, deadly news and bloody pictures very soon....

*- All pictures are by Jess and a few by me

A policeman having lunch

This made Jess and me laugh (specially since we have yoga in our lessons)

The next pictures are from The Luxe, a cafe/pub/restaurant where we had drinks


This is what living with two gays does to me.... :)