Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Happy Double Birthday ...

I don't really know what to say now. The picture speaks for itself. 

I think laughing is a gift, being able to laugh at yourself, at life, (and sometimes at other people...) the two people shown above laugh more than anyone I've ever met. And it it contagious, let me tell you. 
They seem to enjoy the minor but most important details of life with utter delight. And that makes you stop your crazy, speedy lifestyle and appreciate the small moments, the magic. 
I can't come to understand how lucky I was to meet them, befriend them and finally come into the very limited list where my closest friends are. And not only they are wonderful friends but they are also good at what they do, their professions, creating beautiful things. I feel lucky to have those experiences with them.

I want them to have the best Birthday ever, with cake, muffins, brownies, cookies, every single kind of baked good out there. I want them to receive slightly awkward, naughty, spicy gifts because I know they'd love them; anything with the word "filth". But most of all, I want them surrounded by people they love. It will make me feel better about now being able to hear their dirty jokes once they've had too much wine.

Love you


Monday, 9 September 2013

Snapshots. Barcelona...