Monday, 28 November 2011

Winter Wonderland...

This weekend was one of those times when I got reminded again why I live in London, what is my reason to be here right now (apart from studying of course). It was a very busy weekend, I have to say. Will and me headed early on Saturday morning to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to truly celebrate our Christmas passion together and what better way to do it than going to a full on Fair with its own ice rink, ghost train, a circus-like restaurant (seen above) and lots and lots and lots of christmas decorations! After eating a hot dog and a sugar and cinnamon crepe, we decided to leave (mainly because we were having anxiety and claustrophobia attacks due to the ridiculous amount of people. and kids) and headed to Mayfair. Here we made a stop at Marc Jacobs to buy a couple of presents; we were there only for 15 minutes but during that time I managed to fall in love with some gourgeous and over expensive sunglasses.... After a quick stop at Selfridges (we just couldn't help ourselves), we went straight to Liberty. I couldn't believe at first that Will hadn´t been there. EVER. He, who is so passionate about Christmas, stationery and Alexander Mcqueen! I think it lived up to his expectations (the HIGH expectations I had instilled on him). After walking through Carnaby Street and Soho, the evening ended nicely when Bruce joined us at Covent Garden and we all have a lovely meal at Pizza Express.


P.D Here goes a small anecdote.
While we were on the tube, two girls sat in front of us for a bit. I looked at them for a second and then looked away but there was something strange, weird about them that I couldn´t quite figure out. After looking discretly a couple of times I realized: their clothes didn`t have any personality, they didn´t communicate anything to me. And both girls looked exacly alike: grey leggings, tight black velvet skirt, undefined coloured jumper and those Longchamp bags you see everywhere these days and only look good in very specific people. This made me think about style and how your clothes are supposed to be part of you, translate who you are and how you are feeling to the outside. Fashion is about personalizing, being yourself, not trying to look like every other girl on the block.  I guess it is easy to lose yourself nowadays...

Those animal hats are the cutest thing I have ever seen

This little girl is the only person I have seen so far that looks cute and lovely in Ugg boots. Maybe it's the amazing coat or maybe she can just pull it off...

Cardigan and Shirt: Zara
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Bimba & Lola
Bag: Nice Things
Necklace: From hometown

Saturday, 19 November 2011

My week with mama...

Hi   :) 
I am not dead (if you ever thought so) but this last week and a half has been hetic! My mum came to visit me last Thursday and we spent 5 days running around London: visiting galleries, strolling around Green Park, eating cake in Soho, admiring the view from the South Bank, watching Fortnum & Mason's Christmas displays at 10 o'clock at night, Christmas lights in Covent Garden ... I miss her, specially now that I am a bit ill (that might be an understatement) but I have no doubt that she will come visit me again soon. 
This week, we started at university the rehearsals for "Ubu Roi", the play we are performing before christmas; It is going to be crazy from now on but hopefully we will get it all done in time....  I will keep you posted


Covent Garden

Coat: Miss Behave Vintage
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brighton Rock...

Oh Brighton! I love you.
I adore last minute trips. The excitement, the rush, the organizing... and I love waking up early in the morning,while everyone is asleep, having breakfast and picturing the day ahead of you. What I don't like so much is going to the wrong station and having to get the tube again to the right station to catch the train... Anyway, we had an amazing day, Carmen, Clara and me. I think us, London girls, needed a change, the sea breeze, the English individuality, the coolness that Brighton has; we needed some inspiration.
 We will definitely coming back again.
Plus, we looove gossiping during train journeys (the faces of the other passengers are a must see)


The cute veggie restaurante where we ate: Foodilic

A flock of birds...

Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Blouse, shoes and cardigan: Zara
Scarf: Hazel
Bag: Nice things
Bangles: Oysho
Rings: H and M
Watch: vintage