Saturday, 30 June 2012


Pictures from a trip to Battersea a couple of weeks ago to see a showing of short pieces at the Theatre 503; my lovely flatmate Bruce Adams directed one of them and two of my classmates, Raid and John performed. So proud of them! Anyway, Will and me decided to walk there from Pimlico (bad idea, specially when it's raining and we have no idea how to get there... we like to think that we are adventurous and spontaneous and know our way around ANY part of London. We definitely don't). We ran across this quiet garden on our way there. Also, we discovered the Brunswick House Cafe, an amazing place where you can have drinks while admiring vintage pieces of art and furniture (all for sale!) Absolutely recommend it.

Trenchcoat: Zara
Shirt: Hugo Boss vintage
Shoes: Massimo Dutti
Bag Hazel

Brunswick House Cafe
30 Wandsworth Road
Vauxhall  SW8 2LG


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