Friday, 30 March 2012


Yesterday, 29th of March, there was a national strike action against consumism and the labor reforms and cuts that the government is applying and planning to apply to the Spanish citizens. Being students and all, we decided to go to the demonstration led by the syndicates and labor unions in Salamanca. These events usually go smoothly and without any rows but there are always more radical groups that believe direct action is the only way to get their voices heard; they stop any public services by force, close shops and sometimes perform acts of vandalism. I am absolutely agains the use of violence in any demonstration because apart from the fact is is against the law, it sends mixed messages about the aim of the organization they are representing. The syndicates promote direct action but also solidarity with fellow traders. However, how can you say that when part of your members are committing violence against those workers who decide to work during the strike? Some workers don't get a choice wether they want to use their right to go on strike: they need the money, we are in crisis after all.
 I am not sure where I stand. I am definitely against the government cuts and I will continue supporting pacific demonstrations and legal actions against it. However, the truth is that these methods might not be as effective as they used to be anymore. The goverment doesn't take into account what people protest against anymore with the excuse that we have "chosen"  them to be our leaders. The truth is we only get to choose once every four years and the voting system is set up to make it very easy for the big parties and impossible for the smaller so our vote will always be distorted. But carrying  "direct actions" against the goverment and starting to use some kind of violence can easily lead into something not pretty. We've had revolutions before, fighting for our rights as citizens, but they were bloody and full of death. Hasn't our society evolved enough not to use those methods anymore? We'll just have to see...

After making my point (god, who knew I could still write about politics when I haven't done it such a long timeee), I want to comment on a fashion observation from Salamanca: crochet and backpacks. I love crochet for spring and summer, I think it creates a lovely texture while still being light enough to wear. In Salamanca, all the girls wear it combined with leather backpacks. I am not such a big fan of those. I think they remind me of my High School years (that I want to forget, stylistically speaking) but I do admit that they are practical and easy to carry.


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