Tuesday, 24 April 2012

6 Characters in Snapshots...

Finished. Done. Over. Our play 6 Characters in Search of an Author and my second year at university. I can't believe it. It seems surreal, strange. Everything went by so quickly: Easter holidays, production week, all the rehearsals, performances... tomorrow will be the "last" official day in uni, the strike, to clear the space, put costumes back and leave everything as if nothing had happened there. But it did, and I am very proud of the cast and all of us that worked on this performance. We did a great job, were very brave with the idea and pushed it as much as we could. Of course there were technical problems but they weren't within our reach and at the end, what matters most is the performance and it was all there. And it was hauntingly beautiful.
 Here are some photos I took during the Technical Rehearsal. Enjoy!


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