Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Here comes the sun...

Finally, FINALLY, the sun has come out in London. One whole day without a cloud. I am not going to say much about it, I am scared I will wake up tomorrow and it will be pouring with rain...
Perfect day to walk around the town. Everything and everyone seemed brighter and happier... god, I get so corny when summer comes, but I just love it and I've been yearning for it since December! Covent Garden looked lovely under the sunlight (except for the sea of turists and school trip kids that were EVERYWHERE). It was all decorated for the Jubilee Weekend. There were still shy people with their black tights and boots but you could start to see the summery dresses, a couple of shorts, long skirts...

In the evening we had supper at Battersea Pie Station in Covent Garden, a free meal that was given to us when we booked tickets for the musical Sweeney Todd. I had never eating pie before (Bruce and Will actually went OMG when I told them...) Anyway, this was like my proper induction to British culinary culture. And it was tasty tasty, I reccomend the restaurant and the meal + theatre ticket is pretty good; it is 25 pounds and the seats are good, high up but good.

Sweeny Todd was incredible. I had seen the Tim Burton version and loved it so I was a bit scared that the musical wouldn´t live up to my expectations. But it definitely did. It was one of those performances that are not visually overwhelming or incredibly "jazzy". It was simply great. No big dancing numbers. Just very good performers. Imelda Staunton left me speechless.
Ohh, I also discovered the shoes of my dreams.... Carvela, they had to be Carvela.


Dress: Dahlia
Cardigan: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Bimba & Lola
Ring: Accessorize

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