Saturday, 16 June 2012

Suffolk. Day 1 ...

 First day in Suffolk. Clouds, sun, wind and a lot of wildlife. I've spent  so much time in London that I had forgotten how good it felt to be out of it! The countryside is so pretty at this time of the year... Here are some snapshots of the Hotopf household, as I promised (they probably won't do it justice) 
Yesterday, after a breakfast made for Queens, we headed to Summerhill, our old school, and walked around for a while. It is Half Term so all the parents and ex-students are invited to join the activities this weekend: sales, auctions, exhibitions and camping.... Yes, the dreaded word; Everything about it gives me chills. I have to say I tried to avoid it in every possible way but it seems like there is no way around it... Let's hope I am too tired after the party that I won't care too much where I sleep...


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