Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cortijada Los Gazquez...

Here are some pictures of Akitsu and me's latest adventure. We worked as volunteers in a rural hotel in Almeria (not close to the coast, don't get excited) with amazing views to the mountains and half an hour away from any kind of civilization. The house is completely powered by a wind turbine and solar power and rain water is also stored and used during the winter. The silence and the sense of isolation are big; I think it was an "anti London" therapy. I remember during the first couple of nights it was hard to sleep (the heat definitely didn't help) and once you did, I dreamed and spoke a lot in my sleep. I think my body wasn't used to the silence of the place; I've grown accustomed to sleeping with cars, sirens, planes, noisy flatmates...
We also had the opportunity to meet the resident artist, Alan Franklin, that had been working at the Cortijo for a while then and had finished some pieces of art. It was a wonderful experience to be shown the works of art by the artist himself and explain the process and thoughts that went into them; it is rare nowadays to have art and artist in the same room. 
We are hoping to return to Los Gazquez soon, when there is more movement and activities going on. And this time I will bring a mosquito repellent, ESSENTIAL.


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