Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wishes for Fall...

1. Trip to Italy. 
I am super excited about this little escapade of my mum and I to the Italian country. We fly to Pisa, rent a car , wonder around Tuscany (a.k.a get lost in Tuscany) and then head to Rome. Hello Ice Cream, Pizza, Cappuchino and Italian men. Looking forward to emulate Anita Ekeberg and Audrey....
2. Nice Things Fall/Winter Campaign
Absolutely in love with their quirkyness and colourful prints and textiles
Hello dream exhibition. Clothes and silver screen all in one
4. A sleepwear outfit from Oysho
The pastel colours are lovely and the prints are just darling but.... they are a bit ridiculous for winter in London (I usually sleep with about 3 layers of clothes + thick wool socks). Hell, they are even ridiculous for summer; no offence to english summer intended.
5. Reading "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath
The only novel she ever wrote has me full of expectations. I hope she fulfills them. Look out for the script adaptation we are making this year at University, it promeses to be unique. 
Oh,Winter Retail Therapy in Zara always make me happy...
7. Anna Karenina on the silver screen by Joe Wright
2 days, only 2 days until this adaptation comes out. The book left me heart throbbed; fingers crossed for the film. P.D. Costumes look amazing (and so does Keira)
One word: Fabulous!
9. Visit to Bergen
Travelling up up up north to Norway to see Olaya in all kinds of furs...


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