Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve...

How did this happen? How is it Christmas Eve already!? How has it been ONE week at home and it only felt like a day. I guess I lost track of time in between unpacking, making house calls, going out with friends (and not exactly out for a walk, unless you come back from a stroll at 4 in the morning...) and having walks on the beach, as seen above. 
The beach of San Lorenzo is one of the most beautiful city beaches I know, long, calm and there is always surfers. Olaya and I always visit a beach every time we come home; it may be this one or Salinas but we will always manage to go down to the sand, as close to the water as we can. I think it's because it reminds us of home, of long summers, of our childhood and teenage years. Where we both study there is no sea nearby (well, Olaya is now in Norway but that doesn't count as sea, that is hell frozen over) so that is why it's so special for us.
And I also think that the weather was pretty benevolent with us. It was completely sunny, 20ºC, no wind, it could've well been a day in the middle of May (we have definitely had worse in May). It was almost like it knew we were coming home...


Jumper: Zara.  Shirt: Hugo Boss.  Shoes: Zara. Necklace and watch: Vintage
Jumper: Vintage.   Shoes: Vans. Jacket: Bershka
Mint Green Bag: Zara.   Leather Backpack: market in Venice 

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