Monday, 21 January 2013

20 years without Audrey...

Audrey and Mel Ferrer

Every year when it comes to this date, I always feel like writing or posting something. I feel it is my duty to remind the world of this beautiful woman that died 20 years ago yesterday.It is not like she has been forgotten, far from that, she has become the icon that she deserves. I´m not certain where my admiration for her comes from; could be from her movies, from her delicate looks but strong character, from all her humanitarian work she was part of before her death. She was one of a kind. 
I found this beautiful article in Vogue Spain and I immediately thought of posting it. I hope you like it. 

Some women, very few, have a magic halo, almost supernatural, which makes them seem earthly when they aren't. It is impossible. That natural beauty, savagely pure, that disarms with one glance can't be from this world. Audrey Hepburn was one of those women. Maybe she was the only one.

"If I am being honest I have to say that I still read fairytales and they are my favourites" once admitted the actress. Truthfully, sad stories where the protagonist finally becomes a princess have a lot in common with her own life. Audrey spent her first 20 years running away from the Second World War across Europe. Reading "Anna Frank's Diary" made a strong impact on her, the parallelisms between both of their lives were more than evident. Audrey took refuge in her great passion, dance, which would later be replaced by acting - profession that was then better paid than ballet - to try overcome her precarious economical situation.

With the 20th anniversary of her death, we look at the images from our archive - which correspond to mental images that we all cherish in our memories - that reflect best the actress' magnetism, as discreet as immense: features that made her style the epitome of classical and feminine elegance, the films that made her one of the best actresses of her generation, her great loves...

Because, at the end of the day, who hasn't fantasized with being a little like Holly Golightly when passing by Tiffany's windows, who hasn't imagined themselves flying through the streets of Rome in a Vespa, who hasn't fantasized that your own smile embosses some of her sad and sincere beauty. 
20 years are nothing, but without Audrey, are an eternity.


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