Sunday, 27 January 2013

Melancholic Couture...

It is here again. That time of the year when anything is possible. When impossibly beautiful, delicate, intricate dresses walk the earth. It is Haute Couture. 
My eyes are always set on Chanel for these collections. There is nothing Karl Lagerfeld can't do. He can recreate any atmosphere he desires: an indian banquet, a giant iceberg, a fair... This time was no different, he brought a whole forest; tree by tree, into the Grand Palais. 

The guests wandered through the woods until they came across a "neo classical" amphitheatre. Karl was dreaming of Weimar, sylvan hub of German Romanticism in the late 18th century, home to Goethe and Schiller. The daytime tweeds sparkled and the evening looks and dresses were a hymn to the sequin. Anything that looked like a pattern was probably embroidery, which gives an idea of the work and dedication his house always has towards detail.

Hair and make up was dominated by feathery effects, as if the models were birds in the woods. The show also had a characteristic endind: two brides walked hand in hand down the runway. A hint of Lagerfeld's position when it comes to the controversy in France about gay marriage. 

The collection is beautiful but above all, melancholic. 

There is nothing more elegant than a certain kind of melancholia. And there is nothing that induces melancholia like the transience of beauty" K.Lagerfeld


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