Friday, 1 March 2013


Last night I was transported from 2013 London, cold Feburary night into 1941 steamy Morocco. And I did not want to leave, EVER. Last night's showing of Casablanca by Future Cinema was a dream. Even the journey was slightly surreal. Dressed up as we were, people seemed to be specially interested in looking, something that doesn't usually happen in London, where everyone minds their own business. 
The thrill of waiting on the queue to get into the venue, our papers being checked by well-dressed ushers with traditional Moroccan hats and a man trying to sell us probably illegal jewelery... But my favourite moment was after walking through some narrow corridors with palm leaves and candles, suddenly come into the main room of the Troxy. It was unbelievable. It is such a beautiful, old school movie theatre, with painted ceilings and pastel green seats. Built in 1933, it brought some of the Hollywood glamour to London and hosted international stars like Clark Gable until its closing in 1960.

The atmosphere inside was incredible and absolutely realistic. The band was playing on stage, all dressed in white suits and bow ties, the casino was  up and running and you could go bet for a shot or some chocolate, Sam's piano (with Sam included) were strategically located next to the dance floor, where well-dressed couples were dancing away... I have to say though that  I was a bit dissappointed with the audience members that thought because they were wearing a fedora they were already dressed 40s style. The invitation said mandatory dess code and it made such a difference when you saw people that had really put effort into it. It just broke the spell to see women with skin-tight black primark skirts.... But apart from that, it was a magical night. We sat at the Grand Circle with a table for ourselves, drank cranberry juice and ate popcorn while watching Bogart and Bergman kiss in Casablanca....

These are the documents we had to bring with us: an Identitiy Card with our name, nationality and marital status.I was Margaux Allain from Czechoslovakia, single. Good thing I remembered because we were asked for the papers and the information in them a couple of times by some handsome looking officers...


P.D I wore a vintage dress by Robert Dorland, London and vintage necklace. 

P.D2 Casablanca is on until the 23rd of March. Book tickets here

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