Monday, 11 March 2013

I ♥ 21...

Here it is, another year more, 11th of March. It it painfuly cold it London right now so I felt it was right to turn to warmer days to celebrate today. It is official. Maria is 21. Old. Ancient. Which kind  
of flowers do you want in your funeral? Nooo, just kidding.... She seems to be taking her birthday with grace and dignity, as she always does. Ageing doesn't seem to bother her (in contrast to me). Maybe it is because lawyers are always sexy older women... Anyway, it's her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I've sent a little something on the post but we all know how that works, "Royal Mail" and all that; maybe it only works if you are Royal. Wow, what is with me and the bad jokes today!

I remember perfectly the day I took that picture on the beach. It was end of August and it had been one of those perfect Summer days; long, hot, blue skies, low tide, surfers around. It has that calm and carefree feeling of having no duties, no responsibilities, and that is what summer is to me. A time to focus on me and the people I care about. Time to forget about worries, school, future, jobs...

Although I can't be there today to give her a proper birthday present (a party which would involve brownies, Ben & Jerrys, alcohol and tons of hugs) I wanted her to know that I am thinking about her, that I think about her nearly every day at some point. I miss her and the rest of people that I care about scattered around the world. And when the nostalgia gets bad, I look forward and think of summer, an endless, utopian, future summer with Graduation and you all crazy girls coming to see me. That is what gets me out of bed every day.

You are the rock that I hold on to (inside joke....)


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