Saturday, 4 January 2014

Paris - Dallas ....

Chanel (or more precisely Karl Lagerfeld) has done it again. It seems his creative force, imagination and vision have no bounds. The new Métiers d'Art Show has reinvented the Maison's aesthetic once again. Taking as an inspiration the "return" trip Coco Chanel took to Dallas in 1957 to present her newest collection from the Haute Couture house after fifteen years.

 The garments are a well balanced mixture of Chanel's all-time allure with a twist of good old Texan cowboy. Feathers, fringes and pistols co-exist in surprising symbiosis with tweed, pearls and two-piece suits. The artistry and exquisite detail are the handywork of Chanel's artisans but also the long relationship with Lesage, the centenary embroidery house and, for the first time, with Maison Michel, legendary hat makers. 

 The location chosen for the extravaganza was Dallas' Fair Park, a historical venue with Art-Deco architecture, located at the heart of the Texan city. In addition to the catwalk show, Lagerfeld chose the occasion to unveil his latest swim in cinematography. "The Return" featuring Geraldine Chaplin,  is the retold story of Coco Chanel's misadventures and trip to Dallas during the 50s and how America fell in love with her. Beautifully shot and scarily accurate, Chaplin shines as stubborn and charismatic Chanel; just another piece of evidence towards Lagerfeld's immense talent and  multifacetious life.


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