Friday, 16 May 2014

Summer shoes and bags from Nice Things ....

Due to the fact that this weekend  looks like the sunniest so far in this weather-tormented spring, I've felt confident enough to write about the ultimate summer shoe: the espadrille. It has been around for centuries, maybe even thousands of years. The Archaeological museum of Granada owns a pair of espadrilles that were found on human remains inside the "cueva de los murciélagos". It is estimated that these shoes are around 4000 years old. Clearly, the visionary who wore them knew this primitive version will then develop into something more sofisticated. 

This light sandal, made with jute rope or braided hemp and with linen fabric, comes from my home country, Spain, where they were being worn around the XIII century by the King of Aragon's infantry men. Later on, it also took Salvador Dalí on seaside strolls and a young JFK on Cape Cod vacations. It's name is derived from "esparto", which is a kind of plant that was originally burned and then braided to make the soles. 

By the 1940s, the girls had gotten in on the game and the sandal became a Hollywood staple, Its ribbons crisscrossed the ankles of Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly, and Rita Hayworth accessorized her one-piece with a pair for 1947's The Lady of Shanghai. The espadrille reached new heights in the late 60s, when YSL introduced the high-heeled wedge and every arguably fashionable young lady owned a pair when on vacation in Nice or St. Tropez. 

My favourite espadrilles this season are from (also Spanish) brand Nice Things, and they come in a variety of designs to please even the toughest espadrille-lovers. From flowers to geometrical designs, crochet or classic one-colours, each pair is handcrafted in Barcelona in collaboration with Naguisa, another Spanish brand specialized in the production of espadrilles maintaining the traditional crafting methods, combining design and practicality. The result is a beautiful collection of shoes from the classical lace-ups to a more modern take with bright rubber soles. If you are like me, you will want every single one of them to combine with ripped boyfriend jeans, white flared dresses and high-waisted bikini and a straw hat like the everlasting Audrey Hepburn. 

Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth and Audrey Hepburn


P.D. The not mentioned above but added pouches and bags are just to lift up your holiday spirits and make you fall in love a little bit more (if the gorgeous espadrilles weren't enough) with Nice Things

Sources: CondeNastTraveller,, Nice Things and Naguisa 

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