Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Vivienne & Zara...

I am sitting on a double bed. To my right, I have a sneezy, flu-ish (or maybe alergic) Bruce doing queue sheets that never seem to end. To my left I have (or had, oops) Will, watching an 80s (or was it 90s?) movie full of Abba songs (to which we sang along every time). It doesn't sound like the perfect fantasy any girl would dream of but it is my reality; and it is much better than any dream. Gotta love college life (and I do NOT say this because of the ridiculous amount of coursework we have.... yes, I know what you are thinking, we have had 1 week of uni, 1 WEEK.
 Anyway, in between all that homework, we had to design an advertising campaign for any product of our choice. Me and Jess had an idea together for a Zara campaign. We did the shoot at Trent Park with a lovely day, amazing light and even squirrels running around (we didn't managed to get them in the picture). The photos came out incredibly well; Jess is an amazing photographer, you can see her work in her blog. We also used those pictures to enter the Zara People contest. I also wanted to do an advert for Vivienne Westwood (a humble homage to the queen of punk from one of her faithful followers). For that I had the help of the beautiful, funny and fashionable Carmen Manzano, who agreed to be my model without a fuss. Taking the pictures was fun (I knew I would put my pink wall, which I painted myself and I am very proud of, to good use) and I was happy with the results but Jess made the photos go from good to amazing with a few photoshop tricks (I owe her BIG time, and an aubergine and mozzarella dinner). 
Ok, enough with the chatting and more with the admiring. I am sure you are all dying to see the pictures :D



    cant believe you described me as funny fashionable and bautiful. its all photoshooops...
    im tired and stressed and have been doing stupid amount of work.
    I stole the photos for my blog btw (but i will credit you for them...)
    Tonnes of love from your biggest fan