Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Eve...

I can't believe Xmas Day is over! All those months waiting and waiting.... Well, we still have New Years (I hope so anyway because I just heard the news that the party at the bar we had a ticket to just cancelled.... )
I spent Christmas Eve in the countryside with my mum's family and some friends. We ate a lot (I had to unzip my skirt, THAT is how much), opened some presents (photos below) and played Party & Co until 2 in the morning and drank some gin. I have to say I slept like a baby that night....
I hope you all had lovely evenings too :)


P.D The next post will be about Xmas lights.... my hometown looks lovely these days

This was a gift from Jason. It is a book with different stories, all pretty disturbing... but the drawings were beautiful
Second gift, lovely piyamas from my mum :) For the cold cold winter that awaits in London...
An "Iris" diary from my cousin Iris... :)
Some paintings from my cousin Zoe. She has modeled for me before, you can see her here and here

Iris, Zoe and me

Burgundy sweater from Zara
Skirt from Uterqüe

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