Friday, 16 December 2011


Tonight we had our last performance of Ubu Roi. It is funny how we build up to certain moments; we prepare, work hard, sweat, fear, imagine... and then it is all over in 30 minutes. It might seem a bit dissappointing, even unfair, but that is the way theatre works.  For the past two weeks we've had no life (you don't wanna know when was the last time I did my washing....), waking up at 9 every day and coming back home at 8. Some people might say if it is all worth it, all the hours spent, the bruises, the stress... and sometimes I think so too. But then you find moments of clarity when you realize that what you do has a purpose, a meaning, and that is what keeps you going:  it can be the most stupid little things but they make everything worth while.

I am by nature a negative person, constantly questioning everything (including myself). From time to time I think about my life back in Spain, all the friends and family I left behind to come to London to study. I don't think I realized the consecuences, the look on people's faces when I told them I was studying Theatre. Now I look around and I think, what would have happened if I had actually listened to them? I wouldn't have had the chance to meet and work with such talented, inspiring, funny, caring, passionate, beautiful  group of people for the past 2 months; and produce a brilliant and strong piece of theatre.

 It was an honour being on stage with you all.

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