Monday, 12 December 2011

Random Moments...

About three weeks ago, one Sunday morning I was walking around Chelsea, on my way to the Tate Britain for a bit of culturizing, when I came across this moment:  at first I thought this girl was rearranging her skirt or looking through her bag, but she seemed to be doing it in a very strange (and dangerous place), right on the middle of the road. I though it was a really nice image so I took a few pictures. Some people were also watching her from the pavement. When I got closer, I realized that she wasn't standing there for pleasure, her skirt had gotten stuck on the back wheel!! I was going to go help her when a boy went there and untangled her skirt. If this was a movie, they would get married and live happily ever after...


P.D Had the dress rehearsal for our play, Ubu Roi, today. Slightly nerve wracking day but fullfilling at the end. The performances start tomorrow until Thursday and then (hopefully), some proper hard core celebrating and off to Spain on Saturday for Christmas!

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