Friday, 9 December 2011

Young V

Here are some pictures of the Young Vic Theatre where we went to see Hamlet last Monday. It is an incredible production with Michael Sheen as the main character. It is nothing like what you would expect a Shakespeare play to be; in a good way. To begin with, they took us outside the theatre to enter through a back door and guide us into a mental institution. Everything was down to detail: the painted walls, the cupboards with towels, blankets, pills, the strong white lights, people with clipboards and medical attire... by the time we got to the gym (the space where the performance would take place) it was as if us (the audience) were taken into the mental hospital. Everything had a retro feel, like when you see something and you think:  well, that is definetly not actual but it isn't 19th century either. I think the main inspiration for the set and costumes was the film "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"; they have that 70s feel...

The performance itself was stunning. The energy throughout the piece never dropped and even came higher towards the end. Michael Sheen delivered every single line religiously, without flaws and created such a complex character, with many different facets.
We all came out of the theatre breathless (and the girls with a bit of a crush, to be honest....)


Hamlet is on at the Young Vic until the 21st of January


  1. hey love! im glad you enjoyed, i think i might go see it if i have the time! made me wanna see that! :)

  2. It is soooo good!! But long, I warn you :) If you wanna go, I'll go with you again, I really don't mind.