Thursday, 23 February 2012


I don't think there is one single thing I don't like about this collection. From the stripes, to the bows going through the hats, shoes, bags and jackets (with those cute baggy pockets). It almost makes me wish it was Fall again. The feel of the whole collection is so romantic with all the knee lenght skirs and the bow belts everywhere that make the waists look glorious. And also very chic; the pencil skirts and printed tees remind me of Parisian women but all the models are wearing tights, which is a very English characteristic. 
And then bows, tying everything together: coats, skirts, two piece suits... I absolutely adore them. Some people say they are childish and juvenile but I don't believe that. For me, they signify chic in its pure form. They have such a beautiful shape and you can wear them in so many ways.... I have some friends that loathe them because they were forced to wear them throughout their school years. I went to public school and my mother never imposed any fashion accesories, or anything for that matter, and I am grateful.; it took me my good time to develop my own style (and love for bows) but I am glad I I didn't have anything forced on me. 


P.D One of my first fashion memories with bows was getting ready for Choir concerts. We had a uniform of grey skirt, white shirt and garnet lace tyed up around the neck. We looked prim!
P.D2 All images are from except the first and the last which are from Garance Doré

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