Monday, 20 February 2012


I have spent the last 4 days in bed, coughing, sniffing, being drowsy and with the occasional faint. If you hadn't guessed, yes, I have THE flu. Now, between each package of kleenex and paracetamol and a couple of Hitchcock movies, I've had the time to look at some of the new Spring-Summer campaigns. BAD IDEA. Never look at the campaigns while you are ill and stuck in a country where spring doesn't come until August and the definition of summer is 15ºC and light rain. I went through the torture and completely fell in love with the Spring-Summer collection of Pull&Bear. The pictures have a vintage look which I can't place in any era, they are classics with a twist. And I love the setting, I imagine it to be some little Italian town; it gives such a romantic feeling... Now all I need is a bit of sun. Spring, please hurry to London.


P.D I also have a HUGE crush on the Fall Burberry Collection.... bows, bows bows everywhere!

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