Sunday, 12 February 2012


Here is my latest discovery: SugarSin. I found this shop with Daisy while strolling around Covent Garden. I am not usually drawn in by sweet shops; I've never been one of those kids that spent all their pocket money on candy. In fact, I never liked them very much. However, this shop had such a beautiful interior design and a lovely window decoration that I couldn't resist going inside (and buying some treats too) Everything is kept in glass jars and the packaging is cute cute cute. They have some great little gift ideas for Valentines Day if you are interested in finding a different present instead of the traditional chocolates, perfume or boxers. Plus, you can always buy two and share....


P.D Beware diabetics, children under 10, post-break-up-single women, students under stress, midlife crisis, etc

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