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Paris- Bombay. The name already evoques so many images in my head. And the show literally blew me away. Set in the Grand Palais, it was decorated as a suptuous banquet with plates and cutlery and all kinds of food. Only by seeing the photos, I can smell the spices and flavours. Karl Lagerfeld has never been to India but he said: "It's much more inspiring not to go to places than to go" I understand, this way you can let your imagination flow and create your own version of the decadent Indian Colonies. Also, I love the way Chanel pays as much attention to the set design for their shows as they do to the clothes; everything is planned to the detail and creating the right atmosphere is crucial for the show. It reminds me of a theatrical experience, I think it can be considered as such. 
The collection was inspired by 19th century India mixed with colonial England. Lady Curzon, Vice Queen of  India was the figure that inspired Karl Lagerfeld; her blend of English fashions and indian influence. You can see this in the clothes throughout the collection; gold and coloured silks are used but mixed with European and English hints. The jewelery and accessories are especially spectacular and the detail is incredible. 
You can see photos of the fittings here and details of the collection here
Here is a little review that I just loved

The splendour of an Indian Palace 
By Olivia da Costa

Amidst a fabulous banquet dripping with all the splendour of a Maharaja's palace, the Paris-Bombay collection whisked us away to an exquisite India of glittering charms. Stepping into a dream-like fantasy far removed from the fall drizzle of Paris outside, guests were seated by sharply styled butlers at twin-banquet tables laden with silverware, crystal, gold-leaf guilded fruit, and desserts piled high. A metal toy train paraded the Chanel logo as it wove its way through rose petals and garlands of jasmine.
Models sashayed forth in pearl-beaded tweed, silk tunics, brocade, saris and wraps, their foreheads, hands and shoulders strewn with jewels. These Amazons of the East embody the utter refinement of the Métiers d'Art collection, a tribute to the master craftmanship of artisans.
The scent of jasmine escapes from the Galerie Courbe of the Grand Palais, unusual for Paris in the month of December. Industrial metal rafters heave under the strain of immense crystal chandeliers. Aging brick walls are covered in pale grey marble fashioned into the façade of a Mughal palace. A dream-like fantasy

 For more photos and videos visit the Chanel blog


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