Wednesday, 21 November 2012

It's just Brunch...

Sunday Brunch in Angel with Daisy H. who came all the way from Kent just to do that... (or that is what I would like to think) Our original plan was to go eat at the "famous" Breakfast Club but the queue, the cold and our rumbling stomachs put us off; and it was a good move because we discovered the lovely restaurant The Elk in the Woods. With its rural aesthetic and colour palette, it feels like you just walked into a Diner in a remote mountain town in Canada. The food is full of flavour, the Pancakes with cinnamon baked pears, goats cheese yoghurt and maple syrup are orgasmic. 
We also had a chance to wonder around Camden Passage (where I had never been before), checking out the Vintage Stores (Annie's, Dreamtime) and Decoration shops (Tadema Gallery). I couldn't resist buying my first Christmas Decoration of this year: a pink acorn. 
And a Little Tart's Blueberry and Vanilla Cupcake
Naughty me 


Jumper and trousers by Zara
Denim shirt by H&M
Hat by Accesorize
Custom Necklace

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