Saturday, 19 January 2013


I can now say that I have been to a "theatre rave". And I loved it.
People that know me know well enough that I am not much of a party person. In fact, I'd rather stay home, piyamas on, watching a movie and eating ice cream rather than having to dress up and put high heels to go to a sweaty bar and dance with drunk people until 6am. However, this doesn't mean that I don't let my hair down from time to time a go a bit wild... And that definitely happened Tuesday night at the Roundhouse with Fuerzabruta's show. 
I had heard of them, how they were big scale with huge technical support and audience interaction. But I have to say that I wasn't expecting such a show. There are just not words appropiate enough. BIG could be one of them. It was exhilarating, loud, beautiful, rapid and wet all at the same time. The man running around with no destination and encountering all this (material) obstacles (I was not expecting SO much confetti! came back home and left a trail), the women swimming in the water, graceful and forceful, like mermaids. Seeing this show reminded me of how big theatre can be and how you can literally do whatever you want. As long as you have the resources and the high tech machinery of course.
 One of my favourite things was the music. Everything was played and mixed right there by a DJ and it was great. It fitted with the tempo and emotion of the piece and it just made you want to dance like crazy. 
One of the best nights I've had in a while. And definitely the healthiest party I've ever been to. 


Fuerzabruta is on at the Roundhouse (Camden) until the 26th of January. 

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