Monday, 8 April 2013

Gatsby revisited. Costumes...

With the FINAL release date of The Great Gatsby approaching (16th May), I wanted to come back to talk a bit more about the costumes of this highly anticipated movie which was due 3 months ago (previous post here)... The truth is I just wanted an excuse to look at the production pictures and woo over the 20s frocks that Mulligan gets to wear while dancing in a mansion with Leo Dicaprio (also wearing a suit and bow tie) I am not jealous of the girl, not at all...

The mastermind behind the costumes is Catherine Martin, Oscar-Winning designer for Moulin Rouge and nominated for Romeo + Juliet and Australia, all directed by Luhrmann. She had already worked with Miucca Prada in Romeo + Juliet to create Dicaprio's suit but for Gatsby, the collaboration went further with Prada designing 40 looks for the movie, all inspired by the Prada and Miu Miu archives. 

"Baz and Miuccia have always connected on their shared fascination with finding modern ways of releasing classic and historical references from the shackles of the past", said Martin. "This connection is central to our relationship with Miuccia Prada on The Great Gatsby, and has connected our vision to hers. In the same way Nick Carraway reflects on a world that he is within and without, we have tried to create an environment that the audience will be subconsciously familiar with, yet separated from" 

The designs take form of short shimmering dresses with abundant sequins, beading, crystals and fringing with colours going through shades of topaz and navy blue to emerald and gold. 

"Our collaboration with Prada recalls the european flair that was emerging amongst the aristocratic East Coast crowds in the Twenties added Martin. "The fashion of the time saw a development of a dichotomy between those who aspired to the priviledged, Ivy League look of wealthy Long Island and those who were aspiring to European glamour, sophistication and decadence. The collaboration with Prada reflects the collision of these two aesthetics"

 As for the boys, the brand Brooks Brothers has taken care of that. I am not surprised since the actual brand is mentioned on the original novel.

The accessories can never be dismissed and for this very reason, Martin teamed up again with a legend in the field, Tiffany & Co (which counted Fitzgerald himself as one of their clients) to design the Art Deco pieces that will be worn by Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan), Elizabeth Debicki (Jordan Baker) and, of course, Leo Dicaprio (Jay Gatsby). The jewels are inspired by original pieces from the Tiffany's archive, genuine products of the creative prosperity of the 1920s which have also inspired a new Gatsby-esque line of the jewelers, Ziegfeld. And they are not the only ones. Brook Brothers has also released a capsule collection inspired by the world of Gatsby. Who said we can't go back to the roaring twenties?


P.D Here is the new trailer featuring music from Beyonce (versioning Amy Winehouse), Jay-Z, Florence and the Machine and Lana del Rey. Using contemporary music on "period" films is one of Baz Luhrmann's characteristics as a unique director...

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