Thursday, 11 April 2013

Happy Birthday Mum .....

Today is a very very special day. It is my mum's birthday. And in my 20 years I have always been at home to celebrate it, except this year, and it doesn't make me a happy daughter. Living away from home is hard but it is even harder when you know you are missing important dates, like birthdays, because they are the few chances you get to truly celebrate that person and how absolutely important and neccesary it is to you. 

She's my mamma. To me, that says it all. I guess every mother-daughter relationship is different but I feel like I am so lucky to have her. She is the one that has raised me, influenced me and made me who I am today. It is thanks to her brave choices that I have gotten to experience wonderful things and travel and meet the different people that are part of my life. Whenever I feel restless, I know I can count on her to make me feel safe and at home, protected, even when we are miles apart (and she can't take me in her arms anymore, I am way too big now...) She is the strongest person I know and also the most kind and loving. She taught me that I can do anything, be anybody I want. But when I grow older I just want to be a little bit like her....

Feliz Cumpleaños mamá  


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