Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Films. And While We Were Here ...

This past Sunday, I was transported from a grey and rainy afternoon to warmer and colourful Southern Italy. Visually and aesthetically beautiful and with scenery which will take your breath away, While We Were Here provided an escape from my ordinary life into a romantic Ischian rendezvous.

Setting aside the movie's synopsis (some might say it is an ageless life story while others a much-abused topic), there is no deniying the pleasing cinematography and art direction present. I am a firm believer in the fact that Italy never looks bad on camera and Naples and the turquoise waters of Ischia are no different; the 10 minute sequence with no dialogue, just music and shots the characters making their way through the island is breathtaking.

Attention and detail are paid to costumes, vital to keep the soft aesthetic of the film. Pastel colours prevail: creams, whites, ochre, navy blue... Bosworth shines much like a young Jean Seberg in capri trousers and striped tops for a walk on the beach. Silk blouses and peter pan collars paired with crochet shorts give her petite frame and light hair an impression of allure but also fragility and naivety.

 A love poem to French neorealism and classic cinema which is worth dedicating a Sunday afternoon.


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