Friday, 21 February 2014

Lirical Abstraction at DelPozo ...

I haven't been paying much attention to the Fashion Weeks starting all around the world at this time of the year. I tend to discover the collections which strike me weeks after all the hype is gone. However, as soon as a couple of pictures from Delpozo's Fall Collection came about, I knew I had to have a closer look. The brand posseses a rare elegance mixed with romanticism, classical lines but also breakthrough design, almost arquitectural. 

There are two currents of inspiration to creative director Josh Font’s DELPOZO fall / winter 2014 collection: Italian artist Duilio Barnabé and the novel “Logan’s Run” with its retro-futuristic aesthetic.
Long lean lines prevail in this collection taking form in 50s full skirts, structural beige coats, light-as-a-feather silk dresses (or superposed shirt + skirt or trousers) in sky blue, powder pink and bright green, embellished with metallic jewels and, to give a slightly futuristic touch, shimmering heeled boots to complete the look. My favourite piece? The eggshell angora sweater, embroidered with different textures (pictured above)


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