Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Snapshots. Food (in Cornwall) ...

1. Hedgehog Ice Cream at Swanpool Beach Cafe
2,3,4. Latte and Bagel at Good Vibes Cafe (Falmouth) 
5,6,7. Latte and Walnut & Coffee cake at Cafe Uneeka (Truro)
8,9,10,11. Homemade cooking: Apple Crumble ; Butternut Squash Ricotta Tortellini  (Jamie Oliver); 
Instagram feed. Left to right, top to bottom. 1st Conrnwall. 2nd London
1. Uneeka Cafe; Swanpool Beach Cafe; Cream Tea at The Digey (St. Ives); Cornish Pastie from Pengenna Pasties (St. Ives) 
2. Breakfast Toast at Bill's; Homemade Pizza, recipe from ; Iced Latte and Blueberry Miuffin at Le Pain Quotidien; Banana & Mint and Banana and Strawberry Shakes at Joe & the Juice


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