Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire night...

For the past week, I've been hearing fireworks every afternoon around 7 o'clock. Every day, someone would decide they were too excited to wait until November 5th (like everybody else) for fireworks. I had completely forgotten about this English tradition which is strange, considering the bad, wet, cold, scary, muddy experience I had last year with Sarah Jones. We went to North Hertfordshire to see the firework display; it was 1 hour bus drive, 3 degrees outside. We got there around 6 o'clock and the display was starting at 7:30. While waiting, we wandered around the Fair, looking for something to eat. Turns out here is no vegetarian food at fairs so all I could eat was some greasy chips. By the time the fireworks were meant to start, all I wanted to do was die (and go to heaven where hopefully there would be blankets and hot chocolate and veggie burgers) but we stayed, watched the fireworks (not that impressive). We left as soon as they finished but we went out through a different exit so we didn't know where we were; the bus that had taken us there was meant to leave in 15 minutes and we were running around like crazy teenagers, freaking out because we thought we were gonna be left alone in Herfordshire (not glamorous) We found the bus at the end and arrived safe at sound but since that day, I swore I would never go out on that night again. Until yesterday.
William's enthusiasm about Bonfire night convinced me to go to Alexandra Palace to watch the fireworks from up there. I have to say this festivity is not one of my favourites; I don't share the idea of celebrating a man's torture and following death in the 17th century (even if he planned to murder a king) We spent the afternoon  cooking cupcakes, pancakes and flatjack. We packed all this in a bag and left happily to Wood Green. What Will hadn't mentioned was the up-hill, on the (thin) rain, 30 min walk to get to the Palace. The view from there was amazing although it was foggy so you couldn't see very far. We saw some fireworks and Chinese Lanterns and happily ate our food on the steps like 6 year olds. And we ate again when we got home:  sausages (yes, I know what you are thinking...)


P.D Carmen and me went to Brighton today to see our lovely Clara. I will tell you all about it soon...

Bonfire night's outfit...

All garments and shoes are Zara
Socks by Ralph Lauren
Tights from Oysho

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